1. Ensure your employees know what you expect from them. Give them a specific framework within which they know what is expected.

2. Provide quality management. This includes outlining expectations, earning potential, feedback on performance, conduct regular meetings and provide a good framework.

3. Give employees an opportunity to freely voice their opinions and or concerns. Do you have an environment in which your staff are comfortable providing feedback?

4. Allow employees to use their talents and skills. This will motivate your staff and employees will contribute to work areas outside of their specific role.

5. Provide a perception of fairness and equitable treatment.Even if the employee deserves the raise, recognize that these decisions will have a negative impact on others.

6. Training and your time are crucial. Employees require the right training to be successful at their job. If they don’t, they’ll find an employer who provides them with what they need to excel at their job.

7. Great employees want to learn and grow. Provide employees with new challenges, opportunities and offer training courses or seminars as much as possible to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Help them to reach their potential.

8. Ensure everyone knows everyone! It is important even for senior management to know their employees. It will help employees feel acknowledged and remain loyal and committed to the organisation.

9. Perform performance reviews, recognise the positives and provide feedback on what requires improvement but make sure you never make your employees feel like their job is not secure!

10. Appreciate your employees and show them! It doesn’t take much to say thank you and well done!

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