Privacy Policy

Section 1: Purpose

This  Privacy Policy will help you understand how we collect, use and protect your information when you visit our websites or participate in any competition or activities with us. Please take a few moments to read the sections below and learn how we use your personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to information which identifies you, or from which you can reasonably be identified, such as your full name or name and postal address (“personal information”). This policy describes how we handle the personal information we collect. Our services include consultancy services, newsletter subscriptions, digital services subscriptions, advertising, websites, mobile sites, applications (“apps”), and widgets, competitions and customer surveys (collectively, “company services”).

We handle the information we collect according to our service agreements and guidelines mentioned under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2001.

We only collect personal information by fair and lawful means that is necessary for the functions of Career Calling International Pty Ltd.

Section 2: Visiting our website/s

This statement applies to any personal information collected from you by Career Calling International Pty

Ltd via one of the websites owned or operated by us, or websites within our network or related third party promotional partners.

Career Calling International Pty Ltd is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

You can visit any of our business sites, such as:

Career Calling (the “Site”)

Compliance and Quality Assurance (CAQA) (the “Site”)

CAQA Resources  (the “Site”)

Online Media Solutions (the “Site”)

and other Career Calling International Pty Ltd initiatives without disclosing any personally identifiable information about yourself.

Section 3: Offers and competitions

From time to time Career Calling International Pty Ltd may run a number of offers and competitions. Your participation in these activities will be entirely your choice. All information recorded through these offers and competitions will always be handled confidentially and according to the guidelines of this policy and other requirements mentioned on the specific offer or competition.

Section 4: Collection of information through other mediums

Career Calling International Pty Ltd may also collect and store information of its current, potential and previous clients, staff, and interactions with external organisations.

Section 5: Acceptance

By using any of Career Calling International Pty Ltd websites or services, you signify your agreement to the Career Calling International Pty Ltd Privacy Policy.

Section 6: What information do we collect? 

We collect personal information to provide services and for our business operations. If you choose not to provide the information we request from you, we may not be able to provide you with the services you require. We describe the main types of personal information we collect and the main reasons why we collect that information below.

Registration Information is the information you provide to us when you register for or acquire a company service.

You are able to use some company services without providing any personal information (for example when browsing our services or training products as a casual user) or by providing an alias. We usually tell you when you are able to use company services in this way.

Information is usually collected directly from you, if you:

  • request information on our websites about any of our products or services;
  • set up or update an account or other registration on our promotional platforms;
  • opt-in to offers, deals and competitions;
  • complete surveys;
  • actively participate and use our promotional platforms; or
  • submit an enquiry to us via our promotional platforms.

There may be other occasions when we collect your personal information from other sources such as from an information services provider or a publicly maintained record. Generally, we will only collect your personal information from sources other than you if it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect personal information from you.

We may also collect statistical information if you access and use our promotional platforms by utilising features and technologies of your internet browser, including cookies and pixel tags. You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by changing your Google’s Ad Settings.  If you have provided personal information to us, we may link this statistical information to your personal information for the purpose of providing services to you.

Section 7: How do we use your information? 

We use the information we collect about you to provide company services to you. As part of our service to you we may use your personal information:

  • to fulfil administrative functions associated with these services (for example billing, credit and account management);
  • to enter into contracts with you or third parties;
  • to measure and improve company services and their individual features;
  • to improve your client experience;
  • for other marketing and client relationship purposes;
  • to allow you to comment on content, and participate in games, competitions, or rewards programs;
  • to provide you with customer support; and
  • to respond to your enquiries.

We use the information we collect about you for the following additional purposes:

Research and data analysis. We may also use your information for research and data analysis to improve company services. We may do this research or engage a service provider to do this.

We will never use your information for any other purposes.

Section 8: Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose personal information to overseas recipients for the following purposes:

  • in order to provide our services and/or products;
  • for administrative or other business management purposes;
  • where you have provided your consent to us disclosing your personal information to a specified third party promotional partner.

By providing personal information on our websites, or through any of our promotional platforms promoting our courses, products and services, you consent to allow us and other third parties elected by us to send out or display marketing materials online including, but not limited to advertisements on sites across the internet, promotions and special offers, product information, information about services, newsletters, and other forms of electronic communication, as well as other methods of communication from time to time such as phone and mail.

As such, we may disclose your personal information to the partner for the purpose of the partner contacting you for promotional purposes and direct marketing purposes, and the partner may contact you with special offers via the communication channel and contact details provided by you at the time you provided your personal information to us.

In the event you do not wish to receive such communications, you can opt-out by contacting us via the contact details set out in Section 9, through any opt-out mechanism contained in a communication or by logging in to your account and using the info and feedback form.

If you unsubscribe or opt-out, you will be unsubscribed from our email channels, and you will not have your data provided to any third party advertisers or people for marketing or other purposes (except to the extent as required by law to disclose it). You may at any point re-subscribe by re-registering or logging a new enquiry for any of our course, products, or services on our website or through any of our promotional channels.

Section 9: Personal information security 

We endeavor to ensure that all electronic and hard copy protected information or personal information held by Career Calling International Pty Ltd is stored in a secure environment. Personal information or protected information will not be released unless the law permits or the person to whom the information relates grants permission for its release.

Section 10: Right to access records

Individuals have the right to access or obtain a copy of the personal information that Career Calling International Pty Ltd holds about them. Requests to access or obtain a copy of personal information must be made in writing and sent to our head office address at 2/10 Lawn Court, Craigieburn, Victoria 3064 or by email to [email protected]

There is no charge for an individual to access personal information that Career Calling International Pty Ltd holds about them; however, there may be a charge of 20 cents per page for every page that it copies. Individuals will be advised of how they may access or obtain a copy of their personal information and the applicable fees within ten (10) days of receiving their written request.

Section 11: Publication 

This Privacy and Personal Information Policy is available on our website in order to ensure that all individuals have given their informed consent for the collection and storage of personal information.

Section 12: Personal information security 

If you have questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, or to request a hard copy, please contact our Privacy Officer at:

Email: [email protected]
Mail: 2/10 Lawn Court, Craigieburn, Victoria 3064
Telephone: 1800 266 160

Have a Question?

We are always here to help. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 03 8103 8000 / 1800 266 160
Contact Us

Pooja Siddhapura

Business Analyst

Pooja is a motivated Business Analyst, holds a Master’s degree in IT with a specialization in Business Analysis. She possesses strong technical skills in data analysis, data visualization and modeling, database querying, and many programming languages.

She has extensive and professional expertise in the Digital Marketing industry with 3 years of experience in SEO. This includes handling all aspects of SEO projects from keyword analysis, on-page and off-page SEO activities, managing social media campaigns to handling Google Adwords, Analytics, and webmaster to improve the client’s website for better search engine ranking. She is enthusiastic about providing efficient solutions to business problems to help businesses accomplish their objectives.

Fiona Srour

Administrative Officer

Fiona has extensive experience in the administration field and has joined Career Calling International as a customer service and administrative specialist. She will be supporting a team of consultants and customers to help them achieve their goals.

Her professional experience and key skills provide Fiona with the expertise to provide a high level of service in all areas of her work and she approaches all aspects of her role with a positive attitude and hard-working mindset.

Fiona's studies have also provided her with the skills to assist CAQA in instructional design and resource writing, where her attention to detail will be invaluable.

Patrick Satapara

Senior Business and Data Analyst

Patrick is a highly skilled and experienced training specialist and business analyst at CAQA. With his extensive vocational education and training qualifications, years of experience in the training and education sector, and comprehensive knowledge and skills related to the TAE training package, Patrick brings valuable expertise to the CAQA team. As a training specialist, Patrick is well-versed in designing, developing, and delivering training programs that meet the needs of learners and align with industry requirements. He has a deep understanding of the TAE training package, which encompasses nationally endorsed qualifications, units of competency, and assessment requirements for the vocational education and training sector. This expertise allows Patrick to create training programs that effectively develop the skills and knowledge of learners, contributing to their success in their chosen fields.

Isha Kaila

National Manager Marketing and Client Relations

Isha Kaila, the National Manager for Marketing and Client Relations at Career Calling International, brings a wealth of experience in marketing, communication, and advertising from her tenure with several multinational businesses. At the forefront of the company's marketing initiatives, Isha plays a crucial role in enhancing the brand presence of Career Calling International and its associated brands, including CAQA, CAQA Resources, and other CAQA products. Her expertise lies in developing effective marketing strategies and nurturing strong client relationships, ensuring alignment with the company's core values and objectives. Isha's innovative approach and deep understanding of market dynamics have been instrumental in the growth and visibility of the brands she manages. Her ability to translate complex marketing goals into successful campaigns is a testament to her skill and dedication.

Sibtain Jan

Administrative officer (Data analysis and reporting)

Sibtain brings with him six years of valuable experience in the field of computer engineering.
In his previous roles, Sibtain has worked as a computer operator, quality assurance engineer, data tagging analyst, and business development executive for leading multinational companies. Through these diverse experiences, he has developed a broad vision for creative and strategic thinking.


Administrative Officer (Data Analysis and Reporting)

Sahiba is passionate about the development and application of assessment and training materials for organisations that provide training. She began writing for CAQA Resources three years ago. She is passionate for making accessible learning tools for students of all ages.

Gurshaan Sandhu

Administrative Officer

Gurshaan has completed a number of courses in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web development and design, as well as Digital Arts and Graphics, among other disciplines. For the past four years, he has worked as a martial arts trainer and assessor. He is an enthusiastic and inquisitive learner who has a voracious appetite for knowledge, ideas, and creativity.

He has developed a number of computer games and is responsible for developing and designing games with a focus on graphics and user experience. This includes all aspects of game development, including programming, modelling, texturing, and sound design.

Dewan Gurung

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Dewan has completed Bachelor of Science in Computing and recently completed a Masters of Information Technology specialising in Computer Networking and Network Security.

Dewan’s broad understanding in IT through the years has enabled him to impart his knowledge to write resources for CAQA.

Rebecca Reynolds

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Rebecca Reynolds is an esteemed Instructional Designer and Resource Writer at Career Calling International, focusing on early childhood education and care, along with community support resources. Her expertise lies in creating engaging and easily comprehensible educational materials that cater to a diverse learning audience. With a passion for education and community development, Rebecca excels in simplifying complex concepts for a broad range of learners. Her work is pivotal in developing resources that aid educators and learners in early childhood and community support sectors. She skillfully blends educational theories with practical insights, ensuring her materials are both informative and inspiring. Rebecca's commitment to producing high-quality, relevant learning tools has significantly enhanced Career

Heera Singh

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Heera Singh is a distinguished Instructional Designer and Resource Writer at Career Calling International, backed by a Double Masters in Information Technology and Computer Systems, along with a vast array of IT qualifications and certifications. His role encompasses a blend of formatting, administrative duties, and the development and review of educational resources for various training packages.

With his profound IT knowledge, Heera excels in creating and refining technical content, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for learners. His meticulous approach ensures that the materials are not only informative but also align with the latest industry standards.

Heera's versatility in handling both content creation and administrative aspects significantly contributes to the quality and effectiveness of the educational resources at Career Calling International. His technical expertise combined with his instructional design skills make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Harneet Randhawa

Administration Manager

Keeping the wheels turning with a smile, Harneet orchestrates office efficiency at Career Calling International. No deadline, document, or logistical knot is too complex for her masterful organisation and proactive spirit. Beyond the routine, she champions improvement, streamlining processes and sparking productivity with her eagle eye. Harneet's passion extends beyond the desk, fueled by her experience as an early childhood education resource writer. This unique blend ensures her work has a ripple effect, supporting young minds through optimised systems. A natural risk-tamer, she keeps Career Calling safe with astute auditing and risk management, while her clear, concise documentation skills keep everyone informed and on track. Harneet is more than just an administrator; she's the backbone of smooth operations, a champion for efficiency, and a bridge between the details and their real-world impact.

Arit Mangal

QACA (Quality Assurance and Compliance) Expert

Certified in Internal Auditing and Risk Management, Arit helps organisations manage risk and provide assurance on an ongoing basis. Arit is an experienced auditor, risk management expert with over 25 years of experience who previously worked for an international audit firm.

Abishek Timsina

Business/Data Analyst

Abishek is an accomplished Business Analyst with expertise in analysing and optimising business processes. He excels in identifying areas for improvement and providing efficient solutions, playing a crucial role in enhancing organisational strategies and outcomes. In the realm of data analytics, he shines as a dynamic Data Analyst, proficient in data analysis, visualisation, and programming languages. With valuable experience in end-to-end project management and optimisation, Abishek is dedicated to delivering impactful results in the field of data analytics, contributing significantly to informed decision-making processes.

Ahsan Iqbal

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Ahsan Iqbal is an esteemed Instructional Designer and Resource Writer at Career Calling International, specialising in Information Technology and Information Systems subjects. His role is centred around developing educational content that is both technically detailed and easily understandable, catering to learners in the rapidly evolving IT sector. Ahsan's expertise in IT and Information Systems enables him to effectively translate complex technical concepts into learner-friendly formats. His work is crucial in creating resources that are not only informative but also engaging, helping learners to grasp intricate IT principles and applications.

Purushottam Niraula

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Purushottam Niraula is a skilled Instructional Designer and Resource Writer at Career Calling International, focusing on computer security, networking, and data analysis within the IT/IS domain. His expertise lies in creating comprehensive and engaging educational resources that cater to the intricate aspects of these technical fields. Purushottam's deep understanding of computer security and networking principles enables him to develop content that is not only accurate but also accessible to learners with varying levels of expertise. His proficiency in data analysis further enriches the resources, ensuring they are data-driven and reflective of current industry trends.

Ashish Silwal

Website and Software Designer and Developer

Experienced website and software designer and developer with a master's degree from Central Queensland University, with a specialization in software design and development as a major (CQU). Possess the knowledge, abilities, attitude, and professionalism necessary to excel in any information technology workplace. Design, development, and implementation of all websites are the responsibility of this position, as is providing support for user-friendly online applications that are available across numerous platforms.

The Software Designer and Developer is in charge of the design, development, testing, and deployment of software solutions on a project basis. This includes conducting research on new technologies, collaborating with other departments to understand business requirements, collaborating with stakeholders to determine the scope of the project, writing functional specifications, designing user interfaces, building prototypes to test functionality with users, and deploying completed solutions.

Marilou Bagon

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Marilou had completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Computer Technology, and have been an educator for 15 years. Teaching for several years gave her the advantage of creating individualised learning resources and providing appropriate questions that will lead her students to think analytically. She always believed that exploring her skills and abilities aside from teaching helped her grow professionally.

Paramjeet Kaur

System Analyst

Paramjeet Kaur is a dynamic and skilled System Analyst who recently transitioned from an intern to a full-time position at Career Calling International. With a strong foundation in computer science and information technology, Paramjeet excels in analysing system requirements, designing technology solutions, and optimising operational efficiencies. During her internship, she demonstrated exceptional problem-solving abilities and a keen aptitude for understanding complex software systems, which significantly contributed to her team's success in developing and implementing innovative solutions. Paramjeet's educational background includes a Masters in Computer Science, where she focused on software development, system analysis, and database management. Her academic projects and coursework provided her with a solid understanding of technical concepts, which she applied with great effect during her internship.

Sujain Goyal

CAQA Artificial intelligence and virtual reality - AIVR Coordinator

A strategist, innovator, creator, virtual reality and artificial intelligence enthusiast, interested in building new tools to transform our world. He is well-versed in the capabilities of these technologies and is enthusiastic about their potential to contribute to the creation of a more just, equitable, and sustainable future.

Mani Bath

CAQA Cyber Security Expert

A cybersecurity professional and educator who is deeply committed to the protection of personal information and privacy. Mani is in charge of auditing, assessing, and resolving vulnerabilities in systems and networks, among other things. She collaborates closely with the engineering team in order to discover potential vulnerabilities and establish strategies for patching those flaws. She is also responsible for the development and implementation of security policies, processes, and best practices.

Harpreet Randhawa

Manager, CAQA International

As a manager, International Business Relations, Harpreet is responsible for overseeing and executing all international business development and execution activities. She supports the sales teams with market intelligence on new regions or segments.

Sujita Mahajan

Graphics designer (Online Media Solutions and CAQA Digital)

Sujita creates fascinating content that is both informative and entertaining. She has extensive experience in the fields of design, art, and marketing. She designed and constructed print and internet graphics with a strong emphasis on quality, uniqueness, and innovation, among other things. She also creates cutting-edge content for businesses to promote their products.

Nia Kessler

Coordinator, Commonwealth School of Languages (CSOL)

Nia's work includes English language training, the development of educational resources for children and adults, and the development of curriculum. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the IELTS and ENGLISH language sectors. Nia helps in the Commonwealth School of Languages (CSOL) area.

Suzanne Martin

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Suzanne has a passion for teaching with over 15 years’ experience working with EAL and ELICOS students, both in Australia & the Middle East. She has enjoyed working at diverse workplaces, including community colleges, TAFEs and RTOs. She currently works in an LLN (language, literacy & numeracy) role, supporting vocational students with specific language and literacy needs to complete their studies in a range of courses, including Community Services, Early Childhood, Education Support, Floristry & Design. Suzanne enjoys writing EAL material and is presently involved with validation of EAL resources at Career Calling.

Rukman Sangha

Coordinator CAQA Systems

Rukman has been working in the Information Technology Industry for more than 3 years. In this time, he has developed specific industry skills and has completed a Diploma in Information Technology.

Rukman has been training in the IT and Automotive Industries for several years and has also been developing resources in these areas. He has a strong work ethic and takes pride in the resources he develops using his experience in industry and training.

Nicole Talarico

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Nicole specialises in all areas of relevance to the field of early childhood, from her active involvement in the sector for over 20 years.

She has worked in many roles in the early childhood sector, inclusive of local government children’s services teams, & managed a childcare field officer team before becoming an early childhood consultant and trainer at Gowrie Victoria.

Nicole is personable, knowledgeable & specialises in exceeding service delivery; helping teams to create & maintain a positive workplace culture & community engagement. She is a valued & respected member of many sector network groups & has a prominent presence on social media & virtual communication platforms.

Her coaching strategies have been outlined in a range of early childhood sector publications with particular reference to educational leadership, managing teams to value ethical decision making in curriculums, child safe environments and child protection responsibilities, environmental education & sustainability.

Nicole delivers presentations at conferences nationwide & is often a key presenter in professional learning calendars & local government professional development programs.

Sukh Sandhu

Chief Executive Officer

Sukh has been working in the VET and Higher Education Industry for over 20 years.  In this time, he has held several roles with RTO’s including CEO roles for International Colleges and National Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager roles for several RTO’s, TAFE’s and Universities.  Sukh has also worked for ASQA as a Business Systems Project Official.

Sukh has had extensive project management experience in risk management, compliance, administration and as a training consultant.  He has extensive knowledge in government compliance standards and has participated in nearly one hundred audits across Australia and provided consultancy advice regarding ASQA/VRQA, TEQSA, ACPET, DET-HESG, VQF/Higher Education, ELICOS, NEAS, ANMAC, AHPRA, CRICOS, ESOS and ISO.

Sukh is a member of several independent professional organisations and government bodies including, ACPET, VELG, ACS, AITD, MARA, MIA, ISANA, APEX, IEEE, The Internet Society (Global Member), AISIP, IAMOT, ACM, OISV, APACALL, IWA, Eta Kappa Nu, EDSIG and several others.

Michelle Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle is a high achieving leader with over 20 years of experience working on audits, learning and assessment resources and compliance. She has worked as a facilitator, coach, lead assessor, as well as a learning and compliance manager. Michelle has developed and implemented systems and strategies, policies, quality assurance framework, and worked with various stakeholders to ensure organisational compliance against all the relevant legal requirements (including the VET Quality Framework, ESOS Act, and State Regulatory Authority Requirements).

Michelle's specialties included developing and implementing training strategies, policy development and writing, quality assurance systems and protocols, managing Learning and Development teams, formalising processes and metrics for the training function, Learning Needs Analysis, managing Instructional Design Teams, managing Instructional Design Projects, Curriculum Design and Instructional Design.

Chanpreet Singh

CAQA And CAQA Resources Manager

Chanpreet has a wealth of knowledge and experience, specialising in instructional design, policy development and report writing, training packages and the development of learning materials.

Chanpreet has completed a Bachelor of Computer Applications, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Professional Accounting.

Chanpreet possesses design skills for developing online/e-learning and instructor-led learning programs and creating SCORM compliant learning packages using rapid authoring tools.

Vijay Patel

Senior Manager, Online Media Solutions and CAQA Digital

Vijay is a highly experienced IT Projects Manager specialising in website designing and development and digital designing consultancy. He has a broad sector experience and brings a strong strategic and commercial focus to the leadership of IT functions, ensuring that IT is transformed into a value enabling function.

Vijay has delivered a high range of business solutions architecture approaches and operation to end product deliverables within complex national and multi-national organisations. Vijay has completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science and a Master of Computer Application.

Amit Sharma

Instructional Designer And Resource Writer

Amit has completed a Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma of Computer Applications, as well a Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems). He has industry experience involving SAP/HANA and is proficient in programming languages such as C, C++ and Java.

Amit’s experience has led him to work in imparting his extensive knowledge and experience by writing training and assessment resources to extend the learning of other students. His experience has given him the skills to write resources that are relevant and engaging to develop the skills of other students.

Ranu James

Instructional Designer And Resource Writer

Ranu has lived and worked in the Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland and has over 28 years experience as an Early Childhood Professional working directly with Educators, children and families in many roles from music and preschool teaching to managing,regulating, TAFE teaching, inclusion support, early childhood consultancy and resource development in particular in the space of sharing cultural knowledge and cultural awareness.

Ranu has extensive experience working with Early Childhood Educators throughout the remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory and more recently in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Ranu has strengths in professional and creative writing skills in particularly in the development of accessible and culturally relevant Early Childhood Resources including the Remote Indigenous Professional Development Package for the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia. Ranu is deeply passionate about culture and the right of all people to practice, develop and maintain connections to culture.

Gourav Sharma

Instructional Designer And Resource Writer

With over 10 years of industry experience, Gourav has worked in a variety of successful commercial establishments holding positions such as head chef, sous chef and chef de partie. On multiple occasions Gourav has been a part of projects to set up new restaurants.

Gourav has been a Hospitality Trainer for over 5 years across different Hospitality training providers.

Gourav also gained experience within Retail operations working as a Department Manager in an ASX listed supermarket chain. He is an accredited trainer for Hospitality, Food Safety, Food Safety Supervisor and holds Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Operations), Certificate III in Retail Operations and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Rishabh Arora

Administration And Compliance Officer

Rishabh has recently joined Career Calling International as an Administration and Compliance officer. He possesses sound knowledge of resource writing and RTO administration.

Rishabh provides support to CAQA and CAQA Resources Senior Manager and the CAQA and CAQA Resources Manager.

Rishabh has a breadth of expertise developed through extensive relevant experience and application and performs work assignments guided by policy, precedents, professional standards and expertise.

Mandeep Kaur

Independent contractor and Instructional Designer

Mandeep Kaur is experienced and a motivated professional with high level of understanding and demonstrated experience within education, banking and securities exchange sectors.

More than 10 years of experience in training, financial market and customer service development has meant that I am an accomplished accounts administrator and totally cognisant of the myriad of compliance issues that now faces the finance industry. Possessing exceptional organisational and attention to detail skills means that I take ownership of the tasks that I am set which allows me to work independently with little to no supervision.  Being one to enjoy a challenge I can meet, and exceed, most targets that have been set for me. Having the ability to accept responsibility my leadership qualities have often been cause for positive comment from my peers and immediate management. I see myself as honest, reliable and professional, also ambitious and eager to learn.

Steve Sutherland-Tomey

Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Steve has been working in the Automotive Industry for over 40 years. In this time he has worked with both British Leyland (UK) and Nissan Motor Company (Aus), has been contracted with Ford Motor Company (Aus). During his time in the Industry, he has worked extensively with over 200 Automotive Dealers across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

He has been operating a Training and Consulting service for Automotive Dealers for the past 15 years and is highly conversant in all aspects of the Automotive Retail Industry specialising in the Customer Experience and the operational processes.

Caitlin O'Connell

​Instructional Designer and Resource Writer

Caitlin has worked for more than 20 years in the community services, children's services and education sector and has extensive experience in these areas. She has managed Outside School Hours Services, delivered training and assessment for Early Childhood Education and Care and Outside School Hours Care and written programs and training materials in these areas.

Caitlin also has experience in quality and compliance assessment and support for Early Childhood Education and Care services and Outside School Hours Care services. She has been involved in the management of government grants and delivery of services for children and young people in the Out of Home Care, the development and delivery of National Quality Framework training and support for Early Childhood Education and Care services and Outside School Hours Care services.

Caitlin has her DIploma of Community Services and Children's Services and is curretnly studying a Bachelor of Psychology.

Jasmeet Chahal

RPL Coordinator

Jasmeet has several years of experience in developing and designing RPL kits. She has developed RPL kits for over 100 qualifications.

Jasmeet has been in the Education and Training Industry for the last 15 years. She is a creative and highly skilled Learning and Development professional, specialising in Instructional Design. Her passion and expertise is in the design and development of visually engaging and interactive learning programs and ensuring memorable learning experiences that achieve maximum retention of knowledge.

Jasmeet has designed a number of training programs and has an innate ability to successfully translate technical material into a format which is easily relatable to learners. Her specialties included curriculum development, academic development, academic literacy, lifelong learning, recognition of prior learning, academic staff development and work-integrated learning.

Ashish Pathania

Instructional Designer And Resource Writer

Ashish Pathania serves as an Instructional Designer and Resource Writer at Career Calling International, specialising in business and management resources. His role involves the creation and refinement of educational materials tailored to these dynamic fields, ensuring they are both informative and engaging for learners. With a keen understanding of business and management principles, Ashish excels in breaking down complex theories and practices into accessible content. His work is characterised by a clear, concise, and practical approach, making it easier for learners to grasp and apply key concepts in real-world scenarios. Ashish's contributions are vital in developing high-quality, relevant learning tools that cater to the evolving needs of professionals and students in the business sector. His ability to blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights enhances the learning experience, making him a valuable asset to the Career Calling International team.Profile coming soon...