Our Team and Services

Our Career Coaches have a demonstrated career history in Vocational Education and Training, Recruitment and Employment Services. They have the skills and knowledge to be able to help people reflect on what they want to achieve in their work-life generally, which includes assisting individuals in recognising their strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills, and providing them with options to consider.

Our team has maintained strong formal and informal links with local industry which increases our knowledge and understanding of the employment and education opportunities available in local areas. This helps to identify skills gaps and opportunities for work experience. Our networks include employers in the private and public sectors, government agencies including employment service providers, training providers and other community organisations.

We assist people in exploring their interests and abilities, making decisions, investigating what courses and qualifications are most suited to them, help them choose the most suitable education and training providers and, if necessary, identify possible funding sources. Our services include teaching people how to put together job applications, resumés and as well as give advice to those looking for jobs and preparing for interviews.

Sessions we offer:

  • Career Advice
  • Job Search Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Review
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Customised career advising sessions – Becoming a Vocational Education Trainer


Our services extend out to individuals in all different stages of their careers, from school leavers to begin their career, existing workers who want a career change, those who have never worked or have been made redundant.

The VET sector is, of course, our area of expertise. So, through Career Calling Jobs we have been and will continue to provide a range of services to existing employees in the industry, employees who are returning to the industry and employees who are wanting a career change and looking at getting into the training industry.

We aim to provide services that meet the specific needs of individuals, and we respect the cultural obligations of different groups.

Our services are suitable for but not limited to:

  • Secondary school students (Year10 and above) keen to learn about their career options
  • Recent school leavers eager to research their career options
  • Individuals who feel like they are in a rut and are not sure how to make a career change
  • Parents or carers returning to work after a period of away from the workforce
  • Individuals who are long term unemployed
  • Individuals that have been made redundant
  • Individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds, as well as those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds

What we can do for groups of individuals

Returning to work and existing workers

Returning to work and existing workers consist of people returning to the workforce after a period of leave and those interested in a career change. They may have their existing skills recognised through recognition of prior learning (RPL) process and the provision of options for any gap training. TAFE, and other VET providers, can engage with this client group and could benefit from linking in with career development services for further education, training or employment opportunities. Clients in transition, either through forced redundancy or because of a desire to enhance their skills, need to know that they can acquire further training or access courses.



Young people have an array of education and training choices on offer to them. VET is one option, and it caters for students still in school as well as school leavers. The sector embraces both young people who have a clear idea of what they want to do (for example, apprentice and trainees) and students who are at risk. Across these groups, there may be young people suffering from forms of disability, including learning disabilities.

Career development services should help young clients to understand the likely labour market opportunities open to them. It includes helping them to decide the areas in which they are most interested and, hopefully, most suited. It is also essential to assist them with information about the required training, appropriate training providers and the length of time it takes to complete the qualification or training.


Recognising the needs of different equity groups

Career development services need to be inclusive and respond to the requirements of equity groups, including Indigenous Australians, people with disabilities, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, as well as those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. It is essential that the careers advice provided is relevant and culturally sensitive.

Access to career development services is also vital for clients who require specialist assistance. For example, there should be services appropriate to the needs of people with a disability, which should be staffed by career practitioners with extensive networks to ensure the best possible outcome for the client.

In many cases, this will mean accessing the appropriate learning support networks and specialised service providers. It is also crucial that disadvantaged groups, which may be eligible for specific funding, are given the right advice about courses and funding and the sequencing of training.

Career Coach – Claudia Simeone

Claudia is a dedicated Career Coach and Recruitment Manager, whose goal is to assist job seekers in finding the right career path for them. Claudia has spent 13 years within the Training, Recruitment and Employment Services industry and has completed the Diploma of Counselling and Communication.

Her extensive knowledge and experience in the area of employment and training have enabled her to gain the skills required to assist job seekers in overcoming barriers to employment and guiding them to achieve their goals.

Specialising in the VET sector has enabled her to be successful in helping job seekers find the most suitable course of study to then increase their chances of finding employment in their chosen field. She has built relationships with local training providers, employers, employment service providers and community organisations and continues to work with them in keeping up to date with her industry knowledge and as referral services that can help with the career development of the job seeker.

Claudia has a strong passion for Education and Recruitment and continues to provide exceptional customer service to her clients without compromising quality.

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